MUSIC > Noise Hotel by Christopher Leyva

Artist: Christopher Leyva
Title: Noise Hotel
Release Date: 22 January 2016
Label: RMN Records

Produced by Christopher Leyva and Matt VanAllen

Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by Christopher Leyva and Matt VanAllen

All songs written & composed by Christopher Leyva

Cover Artwork by Black Cherry Group and Andre Couturier Maitret

Noise Hotel
by Christopher Leyva

Nobody Warned Me03:13
Caught Inside Your Love04:09
Built For Loving You03:24
Made With Fire04:16
Carry On03:51
Coming Home03:53
Don't Come Around04:27
Ocean Inside03:01
So Lonely04:33

With this album, frontman Chris Leyva of the Falling Doves, captures the catchy pop styling of McCartney and the true American rock roots. This new solo album titled “Noise Hotel” is a tribute to the songwriting skills of Beatle John Lennon.

The influence that the Beatles has on Leyva’s sound makes a prominent stance in the album. “Noise Hotel” brings you through a state of nostalgia and leaves you in a satisfied stage of lust; with the catchy Beatles-like melodies throughout the album and just a touch of rock-n-roll the album brings you in moods and vibes of those bands like Stereophonics, The Verve or Blur.

We start out with “Nobody Warned Me” a song that is exactly what the title implies. It’s simple and pleasant adding a sense of peace found from the turmoil of a bad relationship, the strings blend together the rock and pop elements of the song making for a steady, moving vibe symbolizing the willingness to continue moving forward. The album moves along with tunes like “Built for Loving You” in which Leyva adds pop vocals on top of the organ using reverb to give it that authentic late 60’s rock-n-roll sound. The song addresses love in a passionate way. The drums give it a swing feel and the vibrato of the organ makes for a psychedelic groove. The album comes to an end with “So Lonely” a personal favorite, this one goes out to all the rockers out there. This extremely dark sexy tone reveals the grim desire. His raspy vocals and the steady palm muted guitar playing power chords between takes you on a trip to longing.
Noise Hotel is the perfect album to reconnect with your inner rock and roll again.