Call for Electroacoustic Works: Winners Announced


RMN Classical is honoured to announce the Winners and Selected Composers of the Call for Electroacoustic Works, a project launched to discover composers that use technology to generate, transform, manipulate and create sounds and compositions.

The number of the compositions received for this Call has been very high with more than 58 works submitted from all over the world all of a high-quality many of which with interesting new ideas and innovations.

After a challenging selection process, 16 works have been confirmed will be included in two new albums that will be produced and released later on this autumn/winter by RMN Classical.

The names of the selected composers and works are:
(in alphabetical order)

Abras, Juan Manuel – Un requiem lorquiano
Adams, Charlotte – Look Down
Bludau, Bartosz – Energy and Frequency
Bucsis, Julius – The Message
Chan, Chin Ting – Of Metals and Electrons
Geminiani, Paolo – Risonanze Metalliche I and Risonanze Metalliche III
Heifetz, Robin – Slings and Arrows III
Laub, Fernando – The Dam
Malloy, Chris – Againt the Odds
Molteni, Marco – Rubber, Lime and Glue
Ratto, Diego – MicroEchoss1
Schibli, Nadia – Ruins
Weaver, Alexis – Spin
Wiggins, John – String II

We hope this project will be an important showcase for the selected composers and that the audience will find the new releases interesting and captivating.

Once more, our biggest Congratulation to all the Winners for their success.

Dr. R. Romano
MD, Music Executive
RMN Classical

C. Comoglio