Sun Mi Ro

sunmiroSun Mi Ro’s music has been performed throughout North America, Asia and Euroupe by ensembles such as Parnassus, Speculum Musicae, Earplay, California E.A.R. Unit Ensemble, Canyonlands New Music Ensemble, The Society for Chromatic Art, Felix Piano Trio and Kaprizma Ensemble of Israel. Her compositions have been on notable music festivals and conferences, including International Double Reed Society, National Flute Association Convention, CMS conferences, New Music Miami, the NACUSA concert, Central Florida Composers Forum and UNK New Music Festival.

She has also held residencies at the Atlantic Center for the Arts, the Arcosanti Composers Residency, the Composers Conference, and the California Summer Institute of the Arts. Ro is currently an Assistant Professor of Music at the University of Central Florida.

Prior to her arrival at the University of Central Florida, she served as an Assistant Professor of Music Theory and Composition at Houghton College.