RMN Music Catalog & the British Library !


RMN Music is proud and excited to share a fantastic news: all RMN Music catalogs – from the classical one to the rock and pop collection – will be added to the British Library Sounds and Music Archive.

That’s a remarkable achievement!

Starting from December 2017 on, RMN Music will work together with the British Library Sounds and Music Archive Department to make all its music available to all of the British Library users. More than 80 tracks from the RMN Classical catalog and 100+ works among the RMN pop-rock recordings will be added to one of the most prominent Sounds and Music collections of the world, already counting more than 1 million discs, 185000 tapes, and many other sound and video recordings from Uk and all over the world. 

About RMN Music

London-based RMN Music is a modern music company devoted to the contemporary artists and audience. Originally born as a boutique label, it now offers strategic services to the industry professionals, empowering the artists, connecting the music and the people in new ways, creating unique experiences, inspiring dreams, ideas, and imagination.


About the British Library Sounds and Music Archive

The British Library Sound Archive is among the most significant worldwide archives of sounds, holding more than six million recordings, over 1 million discs and 200000+ tapes. The assortment includes commercial record releases from the Uk and overseas, radio broadcasts and private recordings, and it includes music, spoken words, and ambient recordings.