London October 16, 2017
For immediate release


It is with great pleasure and thrilling enthusiasm that RMN Classical announces the release of the new album Electroacoustic & Beyond Vol.3.

This work, the third of the series, contains 8 compositions selected through the international Call for Electroacoustic Works that RMN Classical launched with the aim of discovering talented composers who use technologies to conceive, develop and create new music and compositions.

Like for the Vol.2 – released on November 10th 2017, the new work is a unmissable journey through the 21st Century’s electroacoustic music that allows the listener to enjoy and fully appreciate the modern composers’ contemporary and creative way to make music.

It is a collection of 8 interesting and captivating compositions that RMN Classical is sure will catch the audience attention, while arousing its curiosity for this modern and unique genre.

The album, distributed via RMN Music will be available on every digital outlet and platform online from Friday, December 08th, 2017.

About the playlist:

The playlist includes:

  1. MicroEchoss 1 by Diego Ratto
  2. String II by John Wiggins
  3. Risonanze Metalliche III by Paolo Geminiani
  4. Part:cles – Frequency by Bartosz Bludau
  5. The Message by Julius Bucsis
  6. Look down by Charlotte Adams
  7. Of Metals and Electrons by Chin Ting Chan
  8. Slings and Arrows III by Robin Heifetz


About RMN Classical

RMN Classical is the adventurous imprint launched by RMN Music’s MD and Composer-Conductor Riccardo Romano, to explore and change the expectations and perception of 20th and 21st-century contemporary art-music. Since its start in 2015, the label has released a growing catalogue of productions including classical, contemporary, sound-art, electroacoustic and acousmatic music and their sub-genres.



About RMN Music

London-based RMN Music is a modern music company devoted to the contemporary artists and audience. Originally born as a boutique label, it now offers strategic services to the industry professionals, empowering the artists, connecting the music and the people in new ways, creating unique experiences, inspiring dreams, ideas, and imagination.



Electroacoustic & Beyond Vol.3 will be available on every digital outlet and platform from Friday, December 08th, 2017 on RMN Classical. 


C. Comoglio