“A Perfect Day” by L.O.U. will be out on 6 October


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New Single Release: “A Perfect Day” by L.O.U. will be out on 6 October

London, 21 August 2017 / For immediate release

It is with a blow-minding excitement and thrilling gratification that RMN Record announces the release of the new Single of the “L.O.U. – Loud Out Underground” project, titled “A Perfect Day”. The Single it also includes a bonus track titled “Sunday Morning”.

These two songs are not just a cover version of Lou Reed’s remarkable and meaningful masterpieces; they have been completely revisited with new arrangements for piano, female vocals, and drum effects.

This new-born genre is, therefore, a hybrid crossover between pop & jazz. With a ‘dark’ touch, that reminds of a foggy and gloomy night in a dingy district of NYC.

Release by RMN Records.

Distribution by RMN Music.

About the project

“L.O.U. – Loud Out Underground”, as the name suggests, the project is an attempt to pay a tribute to the poetic and music world of Lou Reed. This experimental project goes beyond the expected and usual boundaries. It’s not so easy to define such a particular and eclectic project where jazz, live electronic, drums/percussion and a female voice join together to give life to some of the best unforgettable Lou Reed’s songs.

Based on the idea of film and theatre director Fabrizio Portalupi and actress Elisabetta Coraini – this project includes Elisabetta Coraini on vocals, Alex Bonacci on drums/percussions, and Rick Romano -producer and arranger of the project- on piano, keyboards, and live electronics.

This is the 3rd single released after All Tomorrows Parties (the first single of the project, where jazz, live electronic, drums/percussion and a female voice join together to generate memorable vibes, supported by a conceptual video developed by director F. Portalupi) and Femme Fatale (a song with a warm and dreamy atmosphere that enhances its ‘velvet’ touch). Cover photo by Alice Girlami.

About RMN Music

London-based RMN Music is a modern music company devoted to the contemporary artists and audience. Born as a boutique label, it now offers strategic services to the industry professionals, empowering the artists, connecting the music and the people in new ways, creating unique experiences, inspiring dreams, ideas, and imagination..

About Elisabetta Coraini

Actress and singer Elisabetta Coraini brought to life countless of contrasting and colorful female characters for the theatre, television, film, video, and photography. She leads one of the main roles in the Italian serial ‘Centovetrine’ (Hundred Shopwindows), seen on national channel ‘Canale5’. Elisabetta has played uncountable tv series such as: ‘I promessi sposi’ (The Betrothed) directed by Salvatore Nocita, ‘Lezioni di Guai’ (Lessons in Trouble) directed by De Santis, ‘Squadra mobile: scomparsi’ (Missing) and many others For the American channel CBS Elisabetta acted in ‘The Age Of Treason’ by Kevin Connor.

About Alex Bonacci

Alex Bonacci, drummer and Director of “X4M – Perform School of musicians”, began playing drums at the age of seven. After graduated from Berkeley College -where he had the pleasure to study with Ron Savage, Ken Cervenka and Matthew Nicholl- he had the opportunity to meet and play with great artists of all over the world and following master-classes with different great musicians, such as: Jeff Berlin, Omar Hakim, Peter Erskine, Dave Weckl, JoJo Mayer, Pat Martino, Horacio “El Negro” Hernandez and many others. He took part in many radio and television programs (Rock TV, RaiDue, RadioDue, Sky, etc.) and in many important music contests with different artists (Heineken Jammin Festival, International Pop Overthrow, Sanremo Rock, Premio Musicultura, Rock Targato Italia, Coca Cola Contest, etc.).

About Rick Romano

Rick Romano is a composer, producer, musician, and poet. Founder of RMN Music Ltd. (London, UK) he graduated in Composition with honour. Producer of many projects – including music videos, short movies, and theatrical plays; he has composed and arranged concert music, music for theatre plays, live performances, films and tv scores. His past works received performance in important venues and have been published by independent and major record labels as well (Warner/Chappel, SONY/ATV, EMI, RMN Music among others). He has become winner and finalist in several international competitions, always receiving mention for the high value of the works submitted.

“A Perfect Day”, distributed via RMN Music, will be available on every digital outlet and platform online from Friday, October 6th, 2017.

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