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Artist: Various Artists
Title: Electoaoustic & Beyond
Release Date: 15 July 2016
Label: Rmn Classical
Catalog Ref: CLS160501
Format: Digital + Physical

Electroacoustic & Beyond
Contemporary Collection vol.2

1Mei-Fang LinEntre le Son et la Lumière07:50
2Lucas Marshall SmithTalos05:15
3Davide WangUnfolding06:13
4Azumi YokomizoIn a Dream07:27

MEI-FANG LIN – Entre le Son et la Lumière
“Entre le son et la lumière” is an exploration of the connections between sound and light. Different types of sounds in terms of their degree of brightness are used, ranging from pitched, non-pitched, to noise-based sounds. They are meant to evoke different sensations of darkness/brightness, which is often controlled through the exclusion or inclusion of upper partial harmonics of each sound as well as general dynamic shaping. The evolution of the harmonic content of each individual sound also directly leads to the subtle changes of timbre in the life span of each sound. The piece in general progress from darkness to extreme brightness toward the end of the piece, taking the audience through a journey in the mystical land of sound and light.
In Greek mythology Talos was a giant, bronze automaton forged by Hephaistos and sent by Zeus to protect Europa on the island of Krete. Talos patrolled the island daily, driving pirates and invaders from the shore with volleys of rocks or a fiery death-embrace. According to the Argonautica, Talos attempted to prevent Jason and the Argonauts from landing on Krete with the newly acquired Golden Fleece. Unable to land, Jason called on the enchantress Medea, who summoned spirits of death to torment Talos. In a confused state, Talos was finally defeated when he scraped his ankle on a sharp rock, allowing his life-giving icor to drain from his veins. Weakened, Talos fell with a tremendous crash and died. Talos (2014) was inspired by this general program.
DAVIDE WANG – Unfolding
Unfolding is an acousmatic music piece based on an image that changes. Very often it is really difficult to go back to what the composer wants to say just from a superficial listening. If this can be considered generally true for the music, it is even more so in the electro-acoustic music where the acousmatic experience varies greatly based on the personal background of each listener. Each person filters through his/her being what is listening, creating an infinite number of different meanings that – in most cases – are inconsistent with the composer’s original idea. Unfolding develops this concept and, in its progression, leads the audience towards a multitude of meanings, some totally different from others.
In a Dream expresses a story of a mysterious dream. Varieties of electronic sounds are arranged in a rhythmic pattern moving alternately forward and backwards. The intensity of the pattern changes from light to heavy and back again and, when heard repeatedly, the listener feels it like an endless story. We may also imagine that some backgrounds and materials sound like a horror or an intense movie. Just like real life dreams where the flow of the dream, left to our subconscious, results in an unexpected sight.